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About the seminar: The study of Srimanta Sankaradeva has reached an international dimension over the years especially amongst the academics, social scientists, performing artistes, dramatists, poets, theologians and historians. The saint was life-long crusader for social peace, unity in diversity, amity amongst the diverse sections of people, cultural elevation, economic uplift, and literary excellence, besides being a religious preacher under the general canopy of Vaishnavism that swept the country during the turbulent years of the medieval time of Indian history. Out and out a reformist, the saint wanted to bring in simplicity and straightforwardness to peoples religious and socio-cultural practices. The saint is considered to be the chiefest cultural icon of the people of this north-eastern part of the country. He was a poet par excellence, a legendary dramatist, an actor, a painter, a music maker, and a cultural innovator.

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First Srimanta Sankaradeva International Festival

Agenda of the festival: 
The first Srimanta Sankaradeva International Festival will start from 2nd January, 2016 and the same will continue till 8th January, 2016. The agenda of the festival is exhaustive one. The agenda will incorporate the following cultural items, noted below :

  • Enactment of the plays of Srimanta Sankaradeva for five days—one each in French, English, Brajabuli and Boro. The enactment in French will be done by a group of performing artistes from France. The group has all the preparations for the same. The students of Gauhati University will enact a play in English, while the students of M. S. Sankaradeva University will enact a play in Brajabuli. A gouop of Karbi artistes will play in Karbi, while the Bodo enactment will be done by a group of Boro Artistes.
  • An exhibition of the cultural heritage associated with Vaishnava fold will be held.
  • There will be workshops on performing arts as well as visual arts .
  • Academic seminar of international standard on the theme of ‘Bhakti Movement in India with special reference to Srimanta Sankaradeva.’ There will be eight sub-themes for the seminar.
  • There will be cultural items in the form of traditional performing arts viz. dance, music, drama and so forth.
  • Lecture demonstration on various art form associated with Sankaradeva.

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