Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra has established a new gallery for showcasing the ‘Dance forms of North Eastern States’ with financial assistance from the Allahabad Museum, Allahabad. To exhibit the vibrant dance forms as well as the dress patterns of the region, this gallery at the ground floor of the Sahitya & Sangeet Natak Bhavan, displays the dance forms from Arunachal (Ponung dance of Adis), Assam (Bihu dance, Baidima Dance of Dimasas, Ritnong Chingdi dance of Hill Karbis, Bardoi Chikhla dance of Bodos, Gumrag of the Mishings and Sattriya dance), Meghalaya (Shad Pdung dance of Jaintias), Manipur (Rasleela), Mizoram (Cheraw), Tripura (Hozagiri) and Nagaland (Motsu). The dance forms are depicted as life size human models.